Classification Assistance & Interpretations

Do you need help in classifying freight? The CCSB's classification experts are available to carriers, shippers and other interested persons who have questions concerning the proper interpretation of the provisions of the National Motor Freight Classification® (NMFC®). Although the opinions expressed are informal and nonbinding, they are generally accepted as expert advice in such matters. The procedures used in rendering opinions follow interpretation principles established through numerous administrative and judicial proceedings.

If you are an employee, agent or franchisee of a transportation or logistics company other than a motor carrier, and are not a licensed participant in the NMFC, please click here for important information regarding Classification Interpretations Assistance. Please do NOT use the email link below.

For all others, inquiries should include all pertinent details. Assistance requests involving the classification of a specific commodity must include all relevant information on the nature of that commodity, including its use or function, its material construction, as well as how it is represented for sales purposes and recognized in the trade. Descriptive information, such as advertising literature, product sheets or photographs or a direct website link, should accompany all requests. Please limit each inquiry to one specific commodity.

To contact our classification experts: