ClassIT® is the online version of the NMFC® publication with special features including: multiple search parameters, easy navigation with hyperlinks to related items, rules, Notes, packages and definitions, user- and company-defined synonyms, embedded search terms, package and shipment density calculators, and much more. View a product overview video or purchase a subscription to ClassIT®. Click here to view an in-depth product tutorial video.

ClassIT® is an online product making searching for and using classification information easier with state-of-the-art capabilities such as:

  • A fast, flexible search engine to quickly find the products you are looking for
  • ClassIT contains density calculators which can be used on a single package, or multiple pallets or shipping units.
  • Easy navigation to see entire product groupings to ensure the proper description and class.
  • Multiple browser windows allow for simultaneous viewing of different parts of the NMFC®.
  • Links are provided throughout to allow for quick and easy viewing of any referenced rules, packaging specifications, or symbols.

ClassIT® makes it easy to share and use information:

  • A print function allows users to print each window
  • Portions of the text may be copied and pasted into other documents.
  • A summary of item including heading and notes can be emailed directly from within the system.

ClassIT® is designed to help users by including:

  • An extensive online help for using the product and information about the NMFC® including tutorial videos
  • An email function that sends your question directly to the NMFTA Classification Specialists. This special free service is available to most ClassIT® subscribers. Contact Customer Service at 866.411.6632 for details.

ClassIT® is the most powerful and cost-effective tool available to help you unlock the power of the NMFC®.

Purchase a subscription to ClassIT® or contact NMFTA's Sales Department for information regarding enterprise licenses at 1.800.539.5720.