Classification Resource Committee

NMFTA’s Classification Resource Committee (CRC) consists of up to 100 members elected from the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Canada and Mexico to represent motor carriers that participate in the National Motor Freight Classification® (NMFC®). Any officer, owner or employee of a participating motor carrier can become a member of the CRC. To learn more, view the FAQs regarding CRC membership.

The CRC provides information and other resources to the Commodity Classification Standards Board (CCSB) on matters relating to the content of the NMFC. It provides information on classification research activities, the transportation characteristics of products moving via motor carrier and on motor carrier operations. The CRC may make recommendations and give advice regarding the Policies and Directives for developing and maintaining the NMFC.

Like anyone or any group having an interest in the content of the NMFC, the CRC can formulate and submit proposals to amend the NMFC. However, the CRC makes no decisions with respect to the disposition of proposals.

The CRC is reconstituted on July 1 of each year, and vacancies can be filled by appointment at any time.

For more information on the CRC or to become a CRC member, please contact