Classification Interpretations Assistance Service Plan for Logistics Providers

How is access to the Freight Classification Experts at the CCSB beneficial to you?

If you assist your customers in determining the applicable freight classification for LTL shipments, then classifying freight correctly is essential. This will minimize time-consuming and costly disputes with your carriers, and more importantly, ensure you are providing the best service to your customers.

When you are involved in a freight classification dispute with your carrier partners, the classification experts at the CCSB can render an unbiased opinion as to the correct, applicable classification. Opinions rendered by the CCSB classification experts, while not legally binding, are generally accepted by carriers as expert advice on classification matters.

How is the classification intepretations assistance service plan beneficial to you?

Participating in the Service Plan will ensure that you receive opinions and interpretations from the developers of the NMFC® firsthand. You will have access to communicate directly with the interpretations experts and receive an opinion in a timely manner.

How do you participate in the classification Interpretations Assistance Service Plan?

CCSB interpretations will be provided to logistics companies only if you are a registered customer. To become a registered customer, a specific service plan must be pre-purchased or you may purchase single transactions as needed. Service plans can be purchased in ‘Blocks’ to be used over a 1-year time frame. Plans will expire upon receipt of the final prepaid inquiry, or at the end of one year, whichever comes first. At that time, a new plan must be purchased for service to continue.

Block of 25 - $450.00 @$18.00/inquiry
Block of 20 - $400.00 @$20.00/inquiry
Block of 15 - $330.00 @$22.00/inquiry
Block of 10 - $240.00 @$24.00/inquiry
Block of 5 - $135.00 @$27.00/inquiry

Single email inquiry - $30.00
Single telephone inquiry - $60.00

Logistics companies that are licensed participants in the NMFC are automatically registered customers and do not have to purchase a service plan or transaction. Not sure if you are a licensed NMFC participant? Contact

Standard Service (Email Inquiries)

Email inquiries will receive an interpretation reply within two business days. Each email transaction is counted as one inquiry towards your pre-purchased block. If a request for more information is required because insufficient information was initially provided, the communication is considered a completed inquiry. Only one commodity or product will be reviewed per inquiry.

Expedited Service (Telephone Inquiries)

Telephone inquiries will receive an interpretation reply during the course of the call if sufficient information is provided. However, if subsequent calls are required, each call will be considered a new transaction. Each telephone transaction is counted as two inquiries towards your pre-purchased block. Only one commodity or product will be reviewed per inquiry.

Where do purchase the service plan?

Click directly onto this secured link to make your purchase.