Classification Research Projects

The following is a list of research surveys currently being conducted by the Commodity Classification Standards Board (CCSB) to obtain information relating to commodity transportation characteristics and/or packaging. The CCSB would greatly appreciate any specific, pertinent information that you can provide.

A Shipment Information Spreadsheet is available for you to record and submit your information. The completed spreadsheet, along with supporting documentation, can be emailed to the CCSB at

Current Research Projects

Project Name No. Date Assigned Contact Status
Air Cleaners or Air Filtering Machines, electrostatic or mechanical, without blowers or fans, other than portable - Item 114090 1291 September 2016 Keith Charles Active
Air Fryers, electric 1315 August 2017 Larissa Franklin Active
Attachments, equestrian arena or track grooming, tractor or vehicle (Arena Groomers, Arena Drags or Arena Rakes) 1317 August 2017 Erin Topper Active
Capsules, dosage delivery, including Gelatin or HPMC Capsules 1283 June 2016 Dan Horning Active
Cars, Lift Trucks or Vehicles, electric or internal combustion engine powered, not designed for general highway use - Items 190225, 190230 and 190235 1284 June 2016 Dan Horning Active
Cereal 1293 October 2016 Allison Austin Active
Cleaning, Scouring or Washing Compounds, including Soap or Soap Powder 1277 May 2016 Erin Topper Active
Cloths, Towels or Wipes, cleansing, disinfecting or moisturizing - Items 49285 and 49290 1312 August 2017 Larissa Franklin Active
Coffee Makers or Coffee or Hot Water Urns - Items 25920, 25925 and 61330 1287 July 2016 Allison Austin Active
Compressors, refrigeration or air conditioning - Items 123270 and 123275 1297 December 2016 Erin Topper Active
Controllers, electrical, including Motor Controllers 1296 December 2016 Matt Erim Active
Cookware or Bakeware, aluminum, other than cast, other than expendable - Item 52895 1311 June 2017 Ashley Gencarelli Active
Dishwashers (Dishwashing Machines) 1190 August 2013 Bill Mascaro Active
Duct, air distributing, ventilating or exhaust system, flexible - Item 51035 1313 August 2017 Kyle Smith Active
Electric Razors - Item 168810 1306 April 2017 Kyle Smith Active
Electronic Cigarettes (e-Cigarettes or e-Cigs), including e-Liquid (e-Juice) 1246 January 2015 Matt Erim Active
Filters, liquid or gas, NOI, cartridge type, or tank type with fittings, iron or steel, other than water filters - Item 69095 1314 August 2017 Kyle Smith Active
Flowers, Herbs or Leaves, dried, other than decorative - Items 71520, 71560 and 71570 1270 January 2016 Allison Austin Active
Food, prepared, NOI - Item 73200 1253 May 2015 Allison Austin Active
Foodstuffs, other than frozen, Group I - Item 73227 1310 June 2017 Allison Austin Active
Footwear 1307 May 2017 Bill Mascaro Active
Hosiery, including Pantyhose, Socks or Stockings - Item 49940 1300 January 2017 Allison Austin Active
Ink or Toner, copier, printer or facsimile (fax) machine, including Ink or Toner Cartridges 1266 January 2016 Bill Mascaro Active
Insoles, boot or shoe, including Arch Supports or Arch Support Insoles 1280 June 2016 Keith Charles Active
Jacks or Jackscrews 1272 January 2016 Keith Charles Active
Lightbulbs, fluorescent or LED 1318 September 2017 Ashley Gencarelli Active
Logs or Log Sets, gas-fired fireplace (Gas Logs) - Item 69470 1308 June 2017 Kyle Smith Active
Mats or Cushions, gymnasium or jumping pit - Item 16840 1273 January 2016 Keith Charles Active
Mirrors, rear view, automobile or boat - Items 19070 and 25045 1289 August 2016 Ashley Gencarelli Active
Mixing Machines, food, NOI, other than household - Item 125750 1303 April 2017 Keith Charles Active
Musical Instruments, NOI - Items 138980 and 139000 1305 April 2017 Larissa Franklin Active
Oxidizers or Organic Peroxides 1281 June 2016 Erin Topper Active
Oxygen, recreational, consisting of 95% pure oxygen in portable canisters for consumer use 1304 April 2017 Erin Topper Active
Packs, surgical or obstetrical procedure, disposable, paper or nonwoven cloth - Item 56834 1309 June 2017 Larissa Franklin Active
Power Pumps, NOI, or Power Pump Parts, NOI - Item 128000 1299 December 2016 Bill Mascaro Active
Shower or Bathtub Doors or Enclosures, glass or plastic 1248 February 2015 Matt Erim Active
Shutters, interior 1290 September 2016 Matt Erim Active
Sneeze Guards or Food Shields, food service - Item 82285 1301 January 2017 Matt Erim Active
Stall Partitions, bathroom, restroom or shower room - Items 159370, 159410 and 159420 1276 February 2016 Keith Charles Active
Sweeteners (Sweetening Compounds), artificial, with or without natural ingredients 1292 October 2016 Allison Austin Active
Tools, power, other than power hand tools - Item 131670 1298 December 2016 Erin Topper Active
Whey, condensed or powdered - Item 75450 1316 August 2017 Ashley Gencarelli Active