The Commodity Classification Standards Board

The Commodity Classification Standards Board (CCSB) is an autonomous board of not less than three or more than seven members, composed of full-time employees of NMFTA, and such other persons as may be deemed necessary to conduct the affairs of the CCSB. One member of the CCSB serves as Chairman, and another as Vice Chairman. At present, there are seven CCSB members—professionals who collectively have over 200 years of experience with the NMFC®.

CCSB and Staff Members

The CCSB investigates, initiates, considers and acts on matters affecting the provisions of the NMFC, including: proposals for amending the classification of commodities; commodity descriptions; classes; rules; packaging definitions, specifications and requirements; and other classification-related provisions contained in the NMFC.

Anyone or any group having an interest in the content of the NMFC can file a proposal to amend the NMFC. Proposals are considered through a formalized, transparent decision-making process in which all interested persons are invited to participate.

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