Classification Research Projects

The following is a list of research surveys currently being conducted by the Commodity Classification Standards Board (CCSB) to obtain information relating to commodity transportation characteristics and/or packaging. The CCSB would greatly appreciate any specific, pertinent information that you can provide.

A Shipment Information Spreadsheet is available for you to record and submit your information. The completed spreadsheet, along with supporting documentation, can be emailed to the CCSB at

Current Research Projects

Project Name No. Date Assigned Contact Status
Aquatic Plants 1219 February 2014 Allison Austin Docketed
Bats, baseball or cricket 1269 January 2016 Keith Charles Active
Binding, Braid, Ribbon, Tape, Webbing or Wicking, cloth or fabric, NOI - Item 49020 1285 June 2016 Walter Whalen Active
Blocks, Pieces or Slabs, soapstone or talc 1238 October 2014 Matt Erim Docketed
Cabinets, ice cream, chest type, with self-contained refrigerating machinery - Item 53010 1256 June 2015 Nate Ripke Active
Capsules, dosage delivery, including Gelatin or HPMC Capsules 1283 June 2016 Dan Horning Active
Carpets, Carpeting, Carpet Remnants or Rugs - Item 70680 1249 February 2015 Matt Erim Active
Cars, Lift Trucks or Vehicles, electric or internal combustion engine powered, not designed for general highway use - Items 190225, 190230 and 190235 1284 June 2016 Dan Horning Active
Chinaware, Earthenware, Porcelainware or Stoneware - Items 47500 and 47510 1244 December 2014 Bill Mascaro Active
Cleaning, Scouring or Washing Compounds, including Soap or Soap Powder 1277 May 2016 Walter Whalen Active
Coffee Makers or Coffee or Hot Water Urns - Items 25920, 25925 and 61330 1287 July 2016 Walter Whalen Active
Dampers, Louvers or Shutters, air, fire or smoke - Item 55742 1241 November 2014 Keith Charles Docketed
Dietary Supplements 1259 August 2015 Matt Erim Active
Dishwashers (Dishwashing Machines) 1190 August 2013 Bill Mascaro Active
Electronic Cigarettes (e-Cigarettes or e-Cigs), including e-Liquid (e-Juice) 1246 January 2015 Matt Erim Active
Flowers, Herbs or Leaves, dried, other than decorative - Items 71520, 71560 and 71570 1270 January 2016 Allison Austin Active
Food, prepared, NOI - Item 73200 1253 May 2015 Allison Austin Active
Glass, automobile or boat, including Windshield Glass or Windshields 1205 September 2013 Dan Horning Active
Hair Dryers - Items 61570 and 122680 1288 August 2016 Ashley Gencarelli Active
Heaters or Furnaces, electric thermal energy storage, using ceramic thermal energy storage bricks 1279 May 2016 Nate Ripke Active
Ink or Toner, copier, printer or facsimile (fax) machine, including Ink or Toner Cartridges 1266 January 2016 Nate Ripke Active
Insoles, boot or shoe, including Arch Supports or Arch Support Insoles 1280 June 2016 Keith Charles Active
Item (Rule) 200 - Definitions and Specifications for Bags 1275 February 2016 Erin Topper Canceled
Jacks or Jackscrews 1272 January 2016 Nate Ripke Active
Kitchen Hand Tools - Item 101425 1267 January 2016 Allison Austin Active
Kitchens or Food Preparation Stations, indoor or outdoor, consisting of a combination of appliances, cabinets, counters, sinks or other components 1226 April 2014 Bill Mascaro Active
Ladders 1195 August 2013 Dan Horning Active
Licorice, including Licorice Candy, Licorice Extract or Licorice Root 1258 August 2015 Allison Austin Docketed
Machines, additive manufacturing (3D Printers) 1264 November 2015 Nate Ripke Active
Machines, gas or liquid reclaiming or recovery, including Refrigerant Reclaiming or Recovery Machines 1236 September 2014 Walter Whalen Docketed
Mats or Cushions, gymnasium or jumping pit - Item 16840 1273 January 2016 Keith Charles Active
Mirrors, rear view, automobile or boat - Items 19070 and 25045 1289 August 2016 Ashley Gencarelli Active
Office Records, Documents or Files - Item 168960 1245 December 2014 Bill Mascaro Active
Oxidizers or Organic Peroxides 1281 June 2016 Erin Topper Active
Paintings or Pictures 1243 December 2014 Walter Whalen Active
Paper Towels 1230 June 2014 Allison Austin Docketed
Pipe, Tubing, or Pipe or Tubing Fittings, aluminum - Items 51400, 51810 and 51820 1282 June 2016 Erin Topper Active
Pipe, Tubing, or Pipe or Tubing Fittings, metal, insulated or jacketed 1257 July 2015 Erin Topper Docketed
Rakes, hand 1192 August 2013 Allison Austin Canceled
Saddles or Seats, bicycle or tricycle 1262 September 2015 Keith Charles Docketed
Seats, aircraft or boat - Items 12340 and 25250 1274 January 2016 Matt Erim Active
Sewing Machines and Related Articles 1261 September 2015 Allison Austin Active
Shades or Blinds, interior, or Wood Shutters, interior - Item 174200 1250 February 2015 Matt Erim Docketed
Shower or Bathtub Doors or Enclosures, glass or plastic 1248 February 2015 Nate Ripke Active
Solar Collectors or Solar Panels 1286 July 2016 Erin Topper Active
Stall Partitions, bathroom, restroom or shower room - Items 159370, 159410 and 159420 1276 February 2016 Walter Whalen Active
Switchboards or Switchboard Parts - Item 63240 1265 January 2016 Matt Erim Active
Tanks, air pressure, cylindrical, closed at both ends - Item 180790 1271 January 2016 Walter Whalen Active
Tennis Goods or Sets - Item 17620 1251 March 2015 Nate Ripke Active
Toilet Paper 1232 June 2014 Allison Austin Active
Trees, Shrubs or Vines - Item 71290 1268 January 2016 Nate Ripke Active
Vitamins 1260 August 2015 Matt Erim Active
Water Filters, tank type, or Water Softeners 1237 September 2014 Bill Mascaro Active
Wax Paper 1278 May 2016 Allison Austin Active