Classification Research Projects

The following is a list of research surveys currently being conducted by the Commodity Classification Standards Board (CCSB) to obtain information relating to commodity transportation characteristics and/or packaging. The CCSB would greatly appreciate any specific, pertinent information that you can provide.

A Shipment Information Spreadsheet is available for you to record and submit your information. The completed spreadsheet, along with supporting documentation, can be emailed to the CCSB at

Current Research Projects

Project Name No. Date Assigned Contact Status
Air or Smoke Flues or Ducts, or related Components or Fittings, other than earthen and other than flexible 1209 October, 2013 Erin Topper Active
Aquatic Plants 1219 February, 2014 Shannon Allard Active
Automobile Lifts, Ramps or Runways 1228 April, 2014 Dan Horning Docketed
Bathroom Scales, floor standing type, without posts or standards - Item 100510 1252 April, 2015 Shannon Allard Active
Blankets, NOI - Item 49040 1255 June, 2015 Keith Charles Active
Blocks, Pieces or Slabs, slate 1225 April, 2014 Matt Erim Active
Blocks, Pieces or Slabs, soapstone or talc 1238 October, 2014 Matt Erim Active
Bracing, Bulkheads or Dunnage, freight loading, fiberboard, consisting of fiberboard facings with core of fiberboard or expanded honeycomb fiberboard, with or without wooden components, in panels - Item 29970 1254 May, 2015 Nate Ripke Active
Cabinets, ice cream, chest type, with self-contained refrigerating machinery - Item 53010 1256 June, 2015 Nate Ripke Active
Cable Assemblies or Harness, electrical wiring - Item 61130 1240 November, 2014 Erin Topper Active
Carpets, Carpeting, Carpet Remnants or Rugs - Item 70680 1249 February, 2015 Matt Erim Active
Carriers, Slings or Pallets, paper or paperboard combined with whole or halved paper or paperboard tubes 1223 April, 2014 Erin Topper Docketed
Casings or Frames, door, metal or wood 1213 December, 2013 Dan Horning Docketed
Channels, iron or steel - Item 104850 1204 September, 2013 George Beck Docketed
Chinaware, Earthenware, Porcelainware or Stoneware - Items 47500 and 47510 1244 December, 2014 Bill Mascaro Active
Circuit Breakers or Switches, electrical 1227 April, 2014 Matt Erim Active
Cookies or Crackers 1235 September, 2014 Allison Austin Active
Dampers, Louvers or Shutters, air, fire or smoke - Item 55742 1241 November, 2014 Shannon Allard Active
Dietary Supplements 1259 August, 2015 Matthew Erim Active
Dishwashers (Dishwashing Machines) 1190 August, 2013 Shannon Allard Active
Electronic Cigarettes (e-Cigarettes or e-Cigs), including e-Liquid (e-Juice) 1246 January, 2015 Matt Erim Active
Film or Sheeting, plastic or rubber, other than rigid 1216 February, 2014 Erin Topper Active
Foil, Foil Wrappers or Foil Scrap 1220 March, 2014 Shannon Allard Active
Food, prepared, NOI - Item 73200 1253 May, 2015 Allison Austin Active
Fruits or Vegetables, dried - Various Items 1183 May, 2013 Allison Austin Active
Glass, automobile or boat, including Windshield Glass or Windshields 1205 September, 2013 Dan Horning Active
Grading or Road Making Implements 1214 January, 2014 Bill Mascaro Active
Grease Traps or Interceptors 1224 April, 2014 George Beck Docketed
Heat Exchangers - Item 122830 1247 January, 2015 Nate Ripke Active
Hog Traps 1239 October, 2014 Nate Ripke Docketed
Ice Cream Freezers (Ice Cream Makers) 1229 May, 2014 Shannon Allard Docketed
Kitchens or Food Preparation Stations, indoor or outdoor, consisting of a combination of appliances, cabinets, counters, sinks or other components 1226 April, 2014 Bill Mascaro Active
Ladders, metal or wood 1195 August, 2013 Dan Horning Active
Licorice, including Licorice Candy, Licorice Extract or Licorice Root 1258 August, 2015 Allison Austin Active
Machines, gas or liquid reclaiming or recovery, including Refrigerant Reclaiming or Recovery Machines 1236 September, 2014 Shannon Allard Active
Mowers - Items 125830 and 125835 1197 August, 2013 Matt Erim Docketed
Office Records, Documents or Files - Item 168960 1245 December, 2014 Bill Mascaro Active
Ovens, baking, convection or microwave 1203 August, 2013 Erin Topper Docketed
Paintings or Pictures 1243 December, 2014 Shannon Allard Active
Paper Shredders - Item 126465 1234 August, 2014 Matt Erim Active
Paper Towels 1230 June, 2014 Allison Austin Active
Pipe, Tubing, or Pipe or Tubing Fittings, metal, insulated or jacketed 1257 July, 2015 Erin Topper Active
Potato Sticks (Shoestring Potatoes) 1242 November, 2014 Allison Austin Docketed
Potty Chairs, children's 1215 February, 2014 Shannon Allard Active
Rakes, hand 1192 August, 2013 Allison Austin Active
Scaffolds, Scaffolding, or Scaffold Sections or Components 1208 October, 2013 Matt Erim Active
Shades or Blinds, interior, or Wood Shutters, interior - Item 174200 1250 February, 2015 Matt Erim Active
Shovels, Sidewalk Cleaners (Scrapers), Snow Pushers, Spades or Scoops, hand 1191 August, 2013 Allison Austin Docketed
Shower or Bathtub Doors or Enclosures, glass or plastic 1248 February, 2015 Nate Ripke Active
Stump Grinders, including Stump Grinding Attachments 1194 August, 2013 Bill Mascaro Docketed
Tennis Goods or Sets - Item 17620 1251 March, 2015 Nate Ripke Active
Toilet Paper 1232 June, 2014 Allison Austin Active
Toilets, sanitary, chemical, decomposing, earth or incinerating type 1222 April, 2014 Nate Ripke Docketed
Vitamins 1260 August, 2015 Matthew Erim Active
Water Filters, tank type, or Water Softeners 1237 September, 2014 Bill Mascaro Active
Wrapping Paper, including Wrapping Paper Sets 1231 June, 2014 Shannon Allard Active