Any party of record to a docketed proposal who disagrees with the disposition of that proposal by the CCSB may seek arbitration. The rules governing arbitration are set forth in Part II, Article II of the National Motor Freight Classification™ Procedures. Transportation Arbitration and Mediation, PLLC, has been selected to manage the arbitration process, in accordance with the CCSB's rules. Transportation Arbitration and Mediation has available the following arbitrators at 202-263-4152:

John L. Alfano An attorney-at-law and a transportation professional for over 38 years, Mr. Alfano is a past president of the S.T.B./I.C.C. bar association, A.T.L.L.P. He serves as part-time Acting Judge of the Rye City Court (NY) and is an A.A.A. qualified arbitrator.
Lester M. Bridgeman Mr. Bridgeman has represented, and opposed, rail and motor carriers, freight forwarders and shippers before the S.T.B., I.C.C. and other Federal agencies and in numerous arbitrations and mediations in over 40 years of transportation law practice.
Thomas J. Burke, Jr. As legal counsel to both shippers and carriers since 1970, Mr. Burke has appeared regularly before the I.C.C., S.T.B. & F.M.C.S.A. He is a member of the National Panel of Neutrals of the A.A.A and the International Center of Dispute Resolution, Inc.
Betty Jo Christian A former Commissioner and Vice Chairman of the I.C.C., Mrs. Christian specializes in transportation law, representing carriers and shippers in Federal and State courts and before the S.T.B. and other regulatory agencies.
Emried D. Cole, Jr. Mr. Cole has 34 years' experience in transportation and regulatory law, including serving as Vice President-Law of a Class I railroad, and 11 years, as a neutral arbitrator & mediator (more than 50 cases, 5 panels of neutrals (including A.A.A. & C.P.R.) & training.
John K. Fiorilla Mr. Fiorilla's law practive focuses on the railroad industry, representing both Class 1 and short line railroads, with emphasis on their real estate, financing, governmental affairs, environmental, engineering and customer relations problems.
James L. Howe III Recently retired General Solicitor of NS, Mr. Howe has over 30 years' experience dealing with freight rates and transportation operations and practices, regulated and deregulated. He is on the S.T.B. Ex Parte No. 560 roster of qualified arbitrators.
Fritz R. Kahn A former General Counsel of the I.C.C., Mr. Kahn maintains an active Washington, DC, transportation law practice, representing shippers and carriers before the S.T.B. and F.M.C.S.A. He was qualified as an ALJ by O.P.M. and as an arbitrator by the A.A.A.
Miles L. Kavaller A former Assistant Regional Counsel of the I.C.C., Mr. Kavaller has practiced transportation law for almost 30 years, specializing in the collection of freight charges, cargo loss and damage claims and commercial disputes involving insurance coverage.
Thomas F. McFarland Mr. McFarland has over 40 years of experience in all aspects of transportation law, as a corporate lawyer (5years), as a law firm partner (31 years) and now as a sole practitioner. He has served as an arbitrator and represented clients in arbitration proceedings.
Edward J. Reidy An ALJ for the I.C.C. 1969-1981 and Chief ALJ for the Merit Systems Protection Board 1981-1993, Mr. Reidy has conducted arbitrations for more than 10 public and private organizations since 1994, currently as Chair of the State Dept.'s Arbitration Panel.
Janice M. Rosenak A former Legislative Counsel and Administrative Law Judge of the I.C.C., Ms. Rosenak maintains an active transportation practice, representing shippers and carriers. She served as Transportation Counsel for the Senate Commerce Committee.
Henri F. Rush A former General Counsel of the S.T.B. & I.C.C., with may years of experience with the agencies, Mr. Rush served as counsel to a Senate Committee and as Deputy Administrator of F.R.A. He aided the S.T.B. and I.C.C. alternative dispute resolution program.
William H. Shawn Former I.C.C. Honors Program attorney, Mr. Shawn maintains a transportation law practice before the S.T.B., F.M.C.S.A, F.A.A. and various courts. Mr. Shawn chaired the T.L.A.'s Practice & Procedure Comm. and is National Arbitration Forum arbitrator.
Kenneth E. Siegel Former Vice-President Law/Deputy General Counsel of the American Trucking Assns., Mr. Siegel is Of Counsel with the DC office of a large Texas law firm. His practice concentrates in the area of logistics, representing shippers, carriers and intermediaries.
Frank J. Weiner Mr. Weiner maintains an active law practice, representing both shippers and carriers before the S.T.B., F.M.C.S.A. and the courts. He taught transportation courses at Northeastern University in Boston and spoke at the Transportation Law Institute.
Charles H. White, Jr. Mr. White has more than 35 years experience in all phases of transportation law, mostly in private practice. A former Associate General Counsel of the ICC and Associate Administrator of F.R.A., Mr. White currently is a professor at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academu and Commissioner of the Maryland Port Authority.

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